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July’s Conscious Box Unboxing!

23 Jul

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July’s Birchbox!

23 Jul

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Sample Society/Birchbox review

4 Jul

Middle of the night mini haul @ CVS

24 Jun


I’ve been wanting to try the organix andsimple brands for a while, I’m seeing both everywhere (especially the simple brand, I believe it’s a product for sensitive skin that came from the UK) So when I stopped in at CVS to pick up a few items I thought, might as well try them out now 🙂

Altogether these items cost $9, which isn’t the worst (but hardly the best)

The lipstick I got (which was half off orig. price) is called “Born With It” and it’s by Maybelline (a color named after their catch phrase?)

It goes on pretty light, with a soft deep pinkish shimmer.


I like the way it looks, especially against my light skin tone. It’s not very sticky either, much more like a lip butter than some of the lip glosses I’ve tried. There is a fruity smell to it, almost like an orange, It’s very sweet. It tastes a bit like it smells too!

Would I recommend you get it? Sure thing, but only if you get it half price like me, it retails at around $8, you might as well buy a Stilla gloss for that price!

The last product is Wet n Wild Mega Last nail polish. It retails for $1.99, but I would charge more if I were them! It is my new favorite nail polish formula, I’ve tried it not too long ago and was pleasantly surprised when I liked it more than my Essie polish, and I love me some Essie!

It goes on so smoothly, and doesn’t really streak or get runny. It dries pretty quickly (which is a must for me, so impatient!) and it gives a beautiful matte finish, my favorite part is how cheap it is! Just promise you won’t try their fast dry nail polish formula, it’s a watery, runny mess and I could see my nail under the polish (it looks like a gross, and sheer mess!)


This was the first color I tried from the Wet n Wild Mega Last line. The pink is painted in I Pink I Can by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Looking forward to testing out the other products soon!

My First Julep Maven Box!

21 Jun

It’s been a pretty great mail day for me (my favorite kind of day, in fact) Anyways, I previously wrote how you can get a $.01 1 month beauty subscription to Julep Maven by entering the code COLOR2012 at checkout. Well, I did that about 2 weeks ago and am now enjoying my rewards!

My box was “Classic with a Twist” which I think describes a good portion of my personality….when I’m calm ;D The packaging was pretty cute, everything but the two separators were in the pink bag that’s off to the side and tied up in a black bow (with the separators underneath.) Oh, man, diving into it was like Christmas 🙂

First off, I’m so excited to get this! I have needed some for a long while now and I always forget to buy them….whatever they’re called? I haven’t seen them in anyone else’s Julep box either, so I guess I got lucky 🙂 Yay, extras!

I always neglect to put lotion on my feet! Now that I have some proper exfoliater/moisturizer, I’m going to actually remember to do it!! You’re supposed to put it on every night (and I assume put cotton socks on to let it soak in, which I do anyways when I moisturize) i think i’m going to love this product!

This first color is called Niecy. “A bright pink creme for sunny days” I’m very happy to get this color because the only pink I have is like…neon. So this is a total win for me 🙂

This second color is called Susie. “Delicious mint green creme. Go for it!” I’m a little mixed about this one. I LOVE mint, but I already bought a mint green nail polish a week ago from Sally Hansen (which I have on my nails in this picture). Although, the one that I bought a week ago is wayyy too light, so if the new one is more true to the color in the bottle, I’ll have a new mint green polish to go to! 🙂

Overall, was it worth 1 cent? YES. Is that even worth questioning? no.

I’m actually considering getting another box with some of the money I just made, but I can’t decide! What do you think, should I try another month?