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29 Jun


Wet n Wild Megalast (I Need a Refresh-Mint & Bite the Bullet)

I am SO in love with this formula!


Middle of the night mini haul @ CVS

24 Jun


I’ve been wanting to try the organix andsimple brands for a while, I’m seeing both everywhere (especially the simple brand, I believe it’s a product for sensitive skin that came from the UK) So when I stopped in at CVS to pick up a few items I thought, might as well try them out now 🙂

Altogether these items cost $9, which isn’t the worst (but hardly the best)

The lipstick I got (which was half off orig. price) is called “Born With It” and it’s by Maybelline (a color named after their catch phrase?)

It goes on pretty light, with a soft deep pinkish shimmer.


I like the way it looks, especially against my light skin tone. It’s not very sticky either, much more like a lip butter than some of the lip glosses I’ve tried. There is a fruity smell to it, almost like an orange, It’s very sweet. It tastes a bit like it smells too!

Would I recommend you get it? Sure thing, but only if you get it half price like me, it retails at around $8, you might as well buy a Stilla gloss for that price!

The last product is Wet n Wild Mega Last nail polish. It retails for $1.99, but I would charge more if I were them! It is my new favorite nail polish formula, I’ve tried it not too long ago and was pleasantly surprised when I liked it more than my Essie polish, and I love me some Essie!

It goes on so smoothly, and doesn’t really streak or get runny. It dries pretty quickly (which is a must for me, so impatient!) and it gives a beautiful matte finish, my favorite part is how cheap it is! Just promise you won’t try their fast dry nail polish formula, it’s a watery, runny mess and I could see my nail under the polish (it looks like a gross, and sheer mess!)


This was the first color I tried from the Wet n Wild Mega Last line. The pink is painted in I Pink I Can by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Looking forward to testing out the other products soon!