So you want to know more?

Lauren. 20. East Coast.

I’m a liberal, sarcastic feminist who bakes a lot and is certified to be a holistic health coach.

I wear too much makeup and sometimes none at all, and I love to review products.

I post reviews of what i’ve been trying lately, or what I get from companies during a campaign.

I start a llllottttt of projects. My project right now Is opening up an Etsy shop for the jewelry I make. I just sold my first bracelet! yay!

I also like to save money and get free things! So I’ll be posting about the latest freebie and contest oppurtunities!

I am also a giant geek who adores horror, science fiction and old video games (Xbox Shmeshbox).

I take photographs with my Nikon D7000 & I love to read! I’m currently wrapping up “The Hellbound Heart” by Clive Barker. I write lots poetry & stories. Right now I’m writing a horror and I am done with a few chapters.


I’m super nice, so let’s be friends :3


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