I did not order a bone in my chicken sandwich!

29 Jun


I should’ve known better than to order Mcdonalds, but hunger gripped at my empty stomach and I surrendered. I ordered a classic crispy sandwich meal (no tomato, extra mayo) and I dug in! About half way in, I bit into something hard, I plucked it out of the meat and there it was, a bone! Almost a half inch too, pretty big, I’d say! I’m calling it a meaningful coincidence, a sign that I should not have disobeyed myself by eating food I know I shouldn’t be eating! I was nervous for a while, thinking I might have swallowed another bone (I have OCD, and a big obsession I have is with the fear of my stomach rupturing) but I’m alright now! I called them up, went down and made a claim, thankfully they returned the money and I bought an eyelash curler instead đŸ™‚


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